The Scientology CON on religiosity and befriending Christians and especially Evangelicals Part 1


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Karen discloses how Religious Scholars take money $$$$ from Scientology's war chest to write papers favoring Scientology, removing the word CULT and defending it as a "NEW Religious Movement:"
(These essays are widely publicized to prove the authenticity of the Cult) HOWEVER The Church of Scientology engaged in wholesale abortion for 25 years and has watered it down and does so currently only more covertly due to Internet outrage. Scientology engages (in the main) exorcism of attached spirits and has been called a DEMONIC religion by the Vatican.

Their new space age "Super Power" houses a "motion quadrant", which spins you like a gyroscope. And an oiliness table, various contraptions to tell different smells and so on. Scientology paid MILLIONS of dollars to invent these machines and those that graduate from it, are no less criminal as every month some new tale in Tony Ortega's daily blog reveals another Scientology crook who paid high dollar to have all this "religious" codswallop (Hogwash)



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Scientology and Evangelical Christians are natural political allies.

Both want the broadest and most expansive interpretations possible of the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment and of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Both want the narrowest and most restrictive interpretation possible of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.