The Scientologist’s Work is Never Done

Dotey OT

Somehow, and I don't know how, this jarred loose a story from my staff past.

I was working at a CL V morgue, it was Sat. night and we had a Freewinds event going on. There was a video playing and I was targeting my victims for either a survey or regging after the video, or some such nonsense. I had this random thought about my car in the parking lot. I realized that I had a bunch or stuff in the car, so I went over to an office with windows so that I could see the parking lot. Sure enough, there is a guy standing beside my car, and one of my car doors was open, and I could see that he had my bag over his shoulder!! I flipped out, and turned and ran down the hall, past public and staff, down the stairs and finally out to the parking lot. The guy is gone!! I started to run through the parking lot, and through an alley. I saw my stuff behind a dumpster, but the guy wasn't there. I picked up my bag, and all the stuff that he had gotten from several trips apparently. I started to walk back to my car, and he was in my car again!! I started to yell and run at him, and it surprised him, and he turned around and started to walk away. I started to yell and tried to chase him, but he was much faster than I was. I walked back upstairs and the video was still running, of course. Back during the Karen Miles Frewinds days, I believe.