The million-dollar donors keeping Scientology flush, New Year’s 2020 edition


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EXCERPT from blog:
As we promised on Monday, we have for you today the greater whales who were celebrated at a special New Year’s “Patron’s Ball” in Beverly Hills, another opportunity for Scientology to celebrate its biggest donors.

On Monday, we showed you the lesser whales, the donors who had forked over up to $750,000 to David Miscavige’s slush fund, the International Association of Scientologists, and today we have the richies who were recognized by the IAS for bestowing at least $1 million or more.


The most ethical being in the gullibxy
Just found something grand in there:
Gold Meritorious ($1 million)

Paul, Bonnie & Natalie O’Malley
Sylmar, California
Lifetime Members since: 1992 (Paul), 2000 (Bonnie)
“Paul and Bonnie O’Malley are New OT VIIIs and Double Cornerstone members for Super Power. He is a dentist who has helped salvage lives by steering people onto the Narconon program and she is a Class V Auditor with six Clears to her credit (including daughter, Natalie).
So wait... They feel its ok to brag that after spending 20 years in the cult, Bonnie has six clears behind her belt including her daughter?
6 people in 20 years in considered an achievement for an auditor these days ?!?! :screwy:

Geez, I can hear my dear old disconnected mom the deep-kool-aid-drinking auditor... even she will be laughing at this! :hysterical: