The Latest Ideal Org Pitch


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The Latest Ideal Org Pitch


No “ideal org” is actually doing point 1. Not even slightly close.
Well, no shit on point 2 — they fly the staff and public in from around the world to attend Miscavige’s ribbon yankings.
On point 3, based on evidence, the “affluence” is a couple of weeks of intro service completions from old public. After that, they go silent.


Imagine that, plenty of parking at the new Ideal org. That truly does show big think postulates. They been postulating for decades, tirelessly, and there it is, a parking spot. Lot's of them. Good work.

Next up, the new Ideal Corna org with plenty of social distancing because no one there. This is truly OT.

Take bow Dave, warrants coming soon to see the progress of your new found OT ability, making your postulates sick.


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Woooo! This is awesome, :buzzin: :congratulations:

Fresno will go Saint Hill size any day now!

... said no one ever. :moodswing:
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Glad to see the cult has terminatedly handled that parking problem all those success stories talked about back in the day.

As Mike mentions,
"None of these orgs are in “ideal locations” — many are so far out of the way nobody can even find them. Ventura, the latest and greatest is on a backstreet off a freeway next to oil tanks."

What is the reason(s) for the ridiculous locations of $cientology Idle mOrgues? I don't know if I've ever read an answer that makes sense to me. Am I reading too much into it and it's just stupidity? Or are there 'real estate scam' reasons, DM and the $cientology real estate holdings playing Monopoly, etc.

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The idle morgue in my vicinity isn't in a bad location at all, in the city that it is in. Lot's of automobiles go zooming past everyday. We were all worried about parking (duh) before it opened. There haven't been more than eight cars in any of the drive bys that I have done to witness the condition.

I had this idea that I posted in the comments on Mike's blog, that we should all secretly schedule a day where every idle morgue had their picture taken to show the parking lot at that moment on that day, coordinated on one specific day. Post all the pictures, and call it "Scientology : A Day In The Lie". Mike thought that scn would hear about it and have everyone move cars in. I still like the idea!!