The irony of Scientology preaching about human rights

I don't know how many people are familiar with this video, which gets shown in schools an awful lot (I remember being shown it when I was at school), but I have to laugh at the absolute irony and hypocrisy of it all. A cult that regularly breaches human rights, often in the some of the most heinous ways, having the sheer audacity to preach at others about human rights, and gullible teachers being so god damn stupid as to blindly accept the contents of the video without taking just a few minutes to look at where it comes from?! I'm sorry, but this shit really boils my piss. Rant over, lol. :D


The most just, the most merciful, the most ethical
Yeah let's start with the right to live. Combine it with the SO "zero child policy". Guess what you get.