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The Independent Scientology Dror Center in Israel reports:

(1) Yulia Engelin Is Now a Life Repair Auditor; and

(2) "Dror’s Case Supervisors have reorganized the training lineup, so when an auditor trainee completes the Metering Course, he continues with the Life Repair Auditor Course and can immediately start auditing."

Yulia Engelin Is Now a Life Repair Auditor – Dror Friends


The Dror Center explains the reason for the change:

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The technical team at Dror realized that the training side of the Bridge must align with the processing Grades on the Bridge. For example, the first auditing action a pc typically receives is the Life Repair Program. However, in the Church, one must first be a Class IV Auditor before one can deliver Life Repair. Thus, a fresh auditor cannot deliver the first actions on the Bridge and we have ‘too long a runway’. This slows the training of new auditors and preclears wait impatiently for an auditor to run them on Life Repair
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VIDEO: Tami Lemberger, lecture "Exteriorization"

Published on May 10, 2020
"Theta-Flow" Online conference

"The reason for the whole bridge is to be three feet back of your head and to be able to hold that position."

That would be the definition of a theta clear, and is, essentially, a vague state of mind.

A thetan exterior, and with vivid, crystal clear, perception, is what Scientology sold during its period of greatest expansion. That's far superior to theta clear, and it was a giant flop.

But not to worry, because...

The end result of Scientology and all its processes is to have done Scientology, and to have done all its processes, and to be thoroughly delighted. That, of course, also includes watching the e-meter respond.

None of these folks were around when people in Scientology actually thought they'd be "Operating Thetans" in a year or two, or maybe, at most, three years, and REAL "Operating Thetans." That was the trade off, and the reason why turning your head into a mayonnaise jar, as the result of hundreds or thousands of hours of "Hubbard Guidance," was acceptable.


Independent Scientology and Nation of Islam news
The Independent Scientology Dror Center in Israel has shared the following.

LifePower Power Future Plans

LifePower Power Future Plans – Dror Friends

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The LifePower books and courses that Dani Lemberger and his partners have been working on for the last four years are producing high success in disseminating Ron Hubbard’s philosophy to the broad public.

At the end of 2020, Dror Center attained a record number of active publics on it’s lines. Following this great achievement, Aviv Bershadsky, lead auditor and C/S at Dror Center, conducted an interview with Dani Lemberger, Dror Managing Partner, on January 18th, 2021.

Today, we present section four of the interview, in which Dani talks about new releases of LifePower books including our latest release, Your Mind’s Efficiency. In addition, Dani talks about his vast experience of applying Ron Hubbard’s Admin Technology as a manager and tells about a new LifePower book in the works under this subject.

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VIDEO: Dani Lemberger talks about new releases of LifePower books and future plans


Aviv: Okay, so can you let us in on. any future releases you are preparing?

Dani: Haa, you want my secrets. Well, you know, people who write don't like to talk about what they are writing because who knows what will happen.

Well, one thing that we are doing is constantly updating and improving the books that we have

Because as we work with it and we gain comments and experience from students here, in Tel-Aviv, in Latvia, around the world, we get comments, we get questions, we get requests for. modifications or for making some point clearer.

So the communication book is now on the fourth version. This is version three.

And we are doing updates of the Study Essentials book. So this is constantly being created and improved.

I am working, we just issued a new book in Hebrew, it is coming out in English soon, Your Mind's Efficiency, which is a shorter version of the LifePower book.

Very brief, explaining and showing to people what the mind is, and what auditing is, and how to work with the mind.

And another major book I am working on is all about organization, management, statistics, conditions, ethics,

and many more subjects related to management, leadership, organization. So that should come out in a few months.

Aviv: Good. So this book, who is it for?

Well, number one for everybody. Of course, for business people, for managers, for executives, people who operate LifePower Centers.

Because people who want to open LifePower Centers tell me, "Yeah Dani, but how do I manage?"

Specifically, this area is the area of management. I have more than, I think almost 50 years of experience as a manager.

I am now 68 years old when I was in the army, in the Israeli army, a young officer at the age of 20, I was already managing people.

So, this is not quite 50 years yet but soon.

Aviv: So you earned this book, right?

Dani: Yeah, this book I can say, well, I know because I have all this experience.

I have, as you know, a master's degree in business, I have managed big corporations in Israel, in the USA. Â

And then, of course, I studied all of the green volumes, they are here. LRH's green volumes.

I did a lot of Admin Training at Flag, at the Tel-Aviv Org. I think I know very, very well, if not all, then nearly all of LRH's Administrative Technology.

I have been using and applying it at Dror for the last 28 years and the stats prove that we have been successful.Â

As a group, we took the courageous decision to leave (the Church).

We further developed this. We did something unique here which is turn Dror into a partnership.

Dror does not belong to me, I work with the group and we are all the owners.

So KRC is very high, pan determinism is high, we work very well as a group.

And, I had to share my experience because you could say that I am in power as a manager, I have been successful.

And at some point I will have to leave this post, this will happen at some point. I will have to resign and I have to turn my hat over.

And I have to do my hat write up. So maybe this is a way of doing my hat write up, my successful actions, but it is all LRH Tech.

I mean nothing in it is something I invent, but I give a lot of examples in this upcoming book of my own application, my own experience.

And what I see, my observation of the application of LRH's fantastic, amazing, awesome, Admin Technology.

Aviv: Good, so we will be waiting impatiently.

Dani: Yeah, it should be coming up pretty soon. We have drafts of it in English and Hebrew. it is already translated into Hebrew, not Russian yet, but it is coming soon.

Aviv: Okay, excellent. So, I know that people in many countries are starting to buy the book in US, in South Africa, Australia. We have lots of orders for the books.

Now, what should a person do if he wishes to join the LifePower project?

Dani: Well, the first thing, of course, is to buy a book. We are happy to sell. Buy books.

And like I said, the books were designed to be easy to read, easy to understand, easy to drill, easy to apply.

And the application is - you grab a friend or your husband or your wife or your son or somebody close and you just drill with the person, or audit the person or if it's Study Essentials, I have no doubt that with this book you can study well and you can help a friend or your child succeed in studies.

And the LifePower book teaches you Recall Processes, which is Self-Analysis, Clearing Processes, which is Dianetics book auditing.

So you just audit people, you just do it.

Aviv: Okay. And if I, let's say, if I purchase a Communication Manual, can I deliver the drills to my friend?

Dani: Well yeah, of course you can. Preferably you do it yourself first.

Aviv: No, I did it, I am a Scientologist.

Dani: Well, if you are a Scientologist, if you did TR's, Communication Drills, yeah, people are ordering the book so they can work with their friends.

And if you read the book and if you have your friend or somebody read sections of it or the whole thing it's not too big, you can deliver a fantastic Communication Course with the TR's, which we know as 0-4, the Communication Drills, and the person will have fantastic wins.

And all the questions that may come up, all the data that is needed to successfully deliver the Communication Drills, everything is in the Complete Communication Manual. That's the name, it's complete.

Yeah. And people have fantastic wins with it. Really, we have done this and we have friends who use it and we get great reviews and success stories pouring in.

And for me, maybe this is the last thing I would say, for me, it really is the way, personally, for me to be in exchange with Ron Hubbard.

Okay, now I get a little bit of goosebumps.

Ron Hubbard gave me my eternity, my life is fully handled.

And I am so fortunate to have found LRH's Tech and to have gone up the Bridge all the way up the higher upper OT Levels.

I have done it all, I am still doing it. I am very fortunate, very happy and I am blessed.

And the way for me to be in exchange with Ron Hubbard is to forward his work and to contribute to the motion.

And to work for LRH and to be his very loyal dedicated man working for him and spreading the word.

This is what he asked us to do, you know, clear the planet so we are clearing the planet.

Aviv: Any wishes for the new year?

Dani: Well yeah, to see more expansion, to see more people coming. I encourage everyone who's watching this to look at the books, to look at our website.

See if you can join us. Our mission is to spread LRH Technology, make it available to all people.

Yeah, we are gonna have a new book this coming year, I hope within a few months.

And look at it and see if it makes sense to you, you can join us. If it does not make sense to you ask me.

If you need more explanations, if you need more data, write us an email and we will be happy to answer all questions.

Aviv: Okay, thank you very much for the interview, Dani.

Dani: Thank you!

* * * END TRANSCRIPT * * *

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Independent Scientology and Nation of Islam news
The Communication Course at the Independent Scientology Dror Center in Israel is based on the ‘The Complete Communication Manual’ (CCM) by Dani Lemberger, part of the LifePower library.

Aiman Masri Delights on the Communication Course

Aiman Masri Delights on the Communication Course – Dror Friends

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Since Dror Center was established in 1992, the most successful action with new public was the Communication Course, based on drilling Hubbard’s Training Routines 0 to 4. This Tech was originally developed by Ron Hubbard to train auditors, but has broad application in life and enables the student who completes the TR’s to handle any situation in life with the tools acquired on this course.

Yet there was no single LRH book that made the full technology of effective communication easily accessible to the broad public. This includes diverse subjects, such as: the ARC Triangle (understanding), Confront, Communication Formula, Intention, delivering an idea, Acknowledging, Handling Originations, and much more.

This prompted Dani Lemberger to write ‘The Complete Communication Manual’ (CCM) in 2018, as part of the rapidly expanding LifePower library. This book presents Hubbard’s technology regarding human relations and creating of understanding in a way that is easy to grasp and apply.

Based on the CCM, Dror’s Tech team prepared a checksheet for study and drilling of the Effective Communication Course. This course has proven highly successful as it creates immediate life-changing results, and a strong interest in its graduates to advance up the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.

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Independent Scientology and Nation of Islam news
From the Independent Scientology Dror Center in Israel:

Hania Mrkos on the Between Lives Data Course

Hania Mrkos on the Between Lives Data Course – Dror Friends


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Hania Mrkos from Prague, Czech Republic, has recently completed the Between Lives Data Course!

This course was compiled from Ron Hubbard’s articles and lectures by Aviv Bershadsky, Dror’s OT Review Auditor and C/S. It is delivered at Dror Center and can also be done online with a digital course pack and checksheet.

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