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Online Auditing and Training - Is it Squirrelling?

Spoiler: "(Independent) Scientology Squirrelling?" - We believe it is unequivocally not, in these times."

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Online Auditing and Training - Is it Squirrelling?

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I recently had someone politely tell me that AOGP's posts were not allowed in one of his groups because he felt that online auditing was deviating from LRH's original unaltered tech. I suppose this includes our online training, therefore, (Independent) Scientology cannot be practiced online according to him. There have been others who have stated the same thing and I think it needs addressing.

Firstly, I agree that auditing is better done in person, I really do, it's more personal, and perhaps more accurate given internet speeds etc. However, how many responsible independents are left who are promoting Scientology? We should all be offering resources, books, lectures, training and auditing all over the available free marketing resources and yet there are many who instead, bicker on these resources about what is right and what is wrong. There are many "cool kids" who deny certain auditors to be featured in their groups and yet they themselves fail to keep it working.

If there was an Independent org in every city, let alone in every country, we would not be doing what we do because there wouldn't be a need, of course. However, withholding resources from people around the world is not the greatest good for the greatest number. That would be suppression, in my honest opinion.

AOGP has held firm against several forms of suppression over the years and we will continue to do so, because it is not the voices of the few that matter, it is our statistics and how many people we help that others can't or won't.

Many places around the world are still under lockdown. In a hypothetical scenario where these lockdowns are the new normal for some countries on a permanent basis, should we then simply let the tech fade away because LRH may or may not have approved of internet Scientology? Things are getting progressively worse on this planet, and quickly. It is AOGP's goal to keep the tech alive at all costs and in the homes of everyone who chooses it so, this includes removing all manners of counter-intentions and suppression. Being in Conservatism about online tech will allow the tech to fade away. Being in Anger or Covert Hostility about online tech simply demonstrates the ego and not working for the greatest good.

Our team at AOGP are in Enthusiasm. Our products, our people, our success stories and our consistency highlight this fact. We preserve the tech as much as possible, but the suppression of knowledge at this time is something we refuse to do. We globally, as a 3rd and 4th dynamic are not in an ideal scene. We are coping and organizing. We are doing what not many are willing to do. The work was free, keep it so, and instead of having these fixed ideas and bank agreements, we should use the tech to discover what's truly needed and wanted on this planet at this time.

From our viewpoint, we are applying a condition of Danger to the global scene as an organization. The first line of the Danger condition is to "Bypass habits and normal routines." On the exterior, this is what our actions of online courserooms, online auditing, and even online TR's look like, from a daily viewpoint of "What would LRH do?"

Technology is our ally, so we use it in our "bright ideas" and embrace them fully. We are always open to questions and ways to improve, regardless. The world is in a tricky position currently and the SPs are having a field day taking rights away when no one is looking. At the same time, apathy is at an all time high from our observations as an organization and we are doing our very best to keep Ron's tech accessable to those who reach for it and want to be more at cause in life.

Power is the ability to hold a position in space and making things go right, per LRH. We hold the line at making the tech accessible and as standard as possible given the cut reach to assemble in person as physical groups, currently.

Lastly, it is our utmost intent to preserve the works of L. Ron Hubbard which is why we use only technical materials from the 1950's - 1982, free from alteration of his original intent. So to answer the question of "Is online (Independent) Scientology Squirrelling?" - We believe it is unequivocally not, in these times.

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