The IAS Taking it to a Whole New Level of Crazy


Ah, remember the days you thought you were a planet saving goodie goodie as you forked over your brazen donation in the face of suppression.

Those glorious days when you thought you were doing something above and beyond everyone else who were mere spectators and worthy oriental gentleman.

Those were the days eh? All those high falootin "T" shirts you wore into the coffee shop proudly displaying your blow to the enemy.

Little did you know you were funding a maniacal con artist.

Chuck J.

Ambassador Plenipotentiary from Bupwupistan
Who in management gets to actually enjoy the $cn. public's largesse?

I think Miscavige has done a pretty good job spending it, he lives pretty 'high on the hog.' John Lobb shoes, expensive motorcycles, fancy restaurants and plenty of other things I don't know about probably. He doesn't share the multi-billions with other exec's.

Hubbard? 'meh, not so much, as far I know. Died in hiding, in a motorhome, in terrible health, hiding from process servers. Yeah, a nice motorhome, but did he really live to enjoy his loot? Could he have done so even if he was not in hiding?

Miscavige is going the same way it looks like. Will probably die related to some alcohol related medical issue in hiding. He already is in hiding basically. But he's had more fun enjoying the loot. Probably has an exit plan in place to beat it to the 'Old Dictators' home in Saudi or Dubai or wherever they hide the Epstein's of the world.