The IAS — The Black Heart of the Scientology Vulture Culture first published May 13, 2013

Chuck J.

"Austere Religious Scholar"
"...But, back to the real point. Were there no IAS, the Church would have HAD to figure out how to deliver more auditing and training. That isn’t accomplished by buying fancy buildings in industrial parks. IAS money is a substitute for money paid for delivering Scientology."

"As a result, Dear Leader can have crashing delivery stats over many, many years and it doesn’t matter. He has straight up and vertical income stats! He has used it to PR himself to the hoodwinked public and staff. And based on his “stats” he has become “untouchable.” Let’s not mention the stats of Auditors Made, Clears Made, WDAH or heaven forbid Refund Requests."

Sounds like a criminal element within the COS or outside of it, or both, decided it was too much work to deliver Scientology and by-passed it. It was more useful and profitable for the COS to be a real estate holding company. However close the accuracy of that, the COS has been subverted.
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