The Gaze of Braco!

Chuck J.

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The Gaze of Braco

Since we had Mooji I thought I'd start a thread for my favorite...... whatever he is. May I present to you Braco! His gaze is the gate to new dimensions!

Braco (Croatian: [brat͡so]),[1][2] sometimes called "the Gazer",[3] is a self-styled "healer" from Croatia. He does not touch, speak to, diagnose, or treat the people who come to see him — rather, he stands on a platform and gazes.[3][4] He avoids direct claims to have the ability to help people with his eye contact, but it is strongly implied and supporters report it causing improved well-being.[2]

At public events, Braco stands on a podium following a ten minute period of introduction and silently looks at the members of the audience for a period of five to ten minutes.[3][4] Afterwards, during a period called "meditation and reflection" by supporters, believers have claimed to experience life changes, healings and positive experiences.[2] According to supporters, during the "gaze time" they feel tingling, see energy or a golden aura, or experience peace or relief from pain.[11] Braco reportedly does not call himself a healer or claim to have spiritual powers.[7] Braco reportedly "has not spoken to the press or in public since 2002",[2] Participants and event organizers claim that his gaze has cured physical diseases such as cancer and respiratory disease.[12] Believers claim Braco's physical presence is not necessary, and gazing at a picture or video of him can be sufficient for healing.[13] When not touring, Braco holds gazing sessions at his center in Zagreb, Croatia.[9] Braco's Croatian events draw thousands of people, totaling to over two hundred thousand annually.[3][4]

In her column for the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, Karen Stollznow wrote that since all reports of healing are anecdotal and that Braco's alleged healing abilities have never been proven under test conditions, she writes there is no scientific evidence that Braco's gazing has any benefits at all. The article also disagreed with Braco's statement that he makes no claims of healing abilities, saying: "However, the 'no claim' claim is disingenuous; whether the claims come from the public or his crew, the claims are promoted by and therefore made by Braco." [8]