The Cult of Scientology plays the Game of Musical Chairs to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody


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In order to shake up the Executives to produce MORE, Miscavige invented a terror incident of a macabre game where Sea Org members in deperation for a chair slugged each other, broke chairs and assault and battery continued for a while to Miscavige's amusement. This is life at the pinnacle of Scientology and this is the way the executives lived under Miscavige who rules with an iron fist and who's word is law. This story is a whole chapter in the book by Larry Write Going Clear & The Prison of Belief. Also, the HBO movie called Going Clear goes into this musical chairs issue.

Time Stamps:
Time Stamps:
0:59 Blown for Good, the book revealing Life at the Top.
1:52 The most widely read and posted story on the Scientology Cult. INT Base Musical Chairs, Names of participants here. Read the full story here:
3:00 Miscavige thinks if he pulverizes his top executives into pulp ~ they would produce better.
5:30 If they did not grab a chair they would be kicked out of Scientology, "offloaded" into the wilderness. Even though it was HELL living there, they fought to grab a chair ! 7:56 They printed out fake tickets to further terrorize them, that they would be shipped out.
8:18 It became so violent in desperation of grabbing a chair, chairs were broken, people slammed each other fiercely, Miscavige was joyful at members beating each other up.
10:33 Owen Starkey was shipped back to South Africa after serving them for 40 years because he had a medical condition. He now sings on the streets as Busker , an old man singing for pennies so he can eat. Such is an example of how the cult of SCN treats its elderly
12:14: Next day Miscavige cancelled it all, all the tickets were fake, there was no intention to ship off 70 of the prime top SCN execs
14:00 Miscavige, the SCN dictator likes to exert his POWER. His son wrote the Book "RUTHLESS"
16:15 Derek has talked to SCN cult ex members who have said they would go back if there was a different leader.
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