The Church of Scientology wants feedback about starting a podcast. Oh, pretty please?


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EXCERPT from blog:
Its television network has been such a smash success, the Church of Scientology is now thinking of really moving up in the world and getting one of those podcast things.
We know this because on its super-secret internal social media feed, members were asked to post a generic-looking survey about podcasts on non-Scientology Facebook groups in order to get some feedback from the general public.
How deliciously sneaky!


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I think I know what happened:

A: Leah and Mike started a podcast! We must retaliate in a novel and original manner to smash suppression!
X: I know... wait I have a great idea! Maybe we would start a podcast?


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Caveat: Maybe off-topic a slight bit. I apologize, if so.

Podcast with airhead celebs? How silly.

How about real "data" from source on the Internet?
Well, that just can't be done. LRH made waaay too many
claims that just aren't true.

Celebs and dedicated users can make preposterous claims
during a podcast
without too much legal blow-back. Unlike the
COS itself, which is careful to make no claims whatsoever, in fact.
Just read the papers and contracts one has to sign before services

I'm reposting this from 2015 because the COS would never do this,
the main goal being to monetize LRH's intellectual properties,
NOT to give the "science" of the mind to the peoples of earth.

I'll offer 100% clear proof.

For a small $300,000 donation, COS could set up a worldwide content delivery network, consisting of a handful of servers in multiple data centers across the Internet. The goal of which would be to make all of LRH's writings (Kindle and PDF) and audio lectures (MP3) available to every man, women and child on earth. In all languages. For free. With immediate availability and lightning fast download speed.​
It's all been digitized years ago, so there's no problem there.​
Voilà, the barrier to worldwide dissemination SOLVED! Just like that!​
If the goal really was the dissemination of the secrets of the universe and the ultimate solution to the world's problems. I wonder why no whale donors ever bring this up?​
Seems like sort of a childishly obvious solution in this day and age. I mean, the first idea any high-techie would think of. Literally.​
However, putting all the tech online would allow for all of LRH's works
to be scrutinized and seen openly. The hyperbolic promises, false claims,
and lack of results would be revealed pretty quickly. Best stay small, keep
things close to the vest, and milk the wealthy donor classes and others.