The book "Christianity, Cults & Religions" and related materials cover Scientology


Independent Scientology and Nation of Islam news
The book "Christianity, Cults & Religions" and related materials cover Scientology.



Participant Guide

Christianity, Cults and Religion Participant Guide - Kindle edition by Carden, Paul. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

Leader Guide

Curriculum Kit (DVD, Leader Guide, Participant Guide, PowerPoint, Quick Reference Pamphlet and Banners/ Promotional Flyers)

Christianity, Cults & Religions DVD, Curriculum Kit (DVD Small Group): Cardin, Paul: 0031809035382: Books

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If most Scientologists can't separate the true parts of Scientology from the methods and stories found in Orgs, how can an outsider get it right?

I was a fan of Dr. Walter Martin, but his description of Scientology in, "Kingdom of the Cults" was not very accurate.