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The woman encouraging her followers to visualise death - BBC News

The BBC has heard testimony that the teachings of spiritual influencer Teal Swan may have contributed to the suicides of at least two of her followers.
Swan, who has said that death can be a re-set button - has hundreds of thousands of followers across social media platforms and her Youtube channel has over 78million views.
But mental health experts say her teachings around suicide could be dangerous.
Our global religion reporter Lebo Diseko reports.

(She believes she is in direct touch with God. She appears to be a narcissistic psychopath)

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Gucci Guru who claims she’s part alien, can invade people’s brains
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"One friend called Swan the 'most unstable person' they had ever met, adding that she was 'pathologically manipulative'."

"'She makes you believe that she sees the truth,' another friend said. 'The truth is, she likes the control and the power over other people.' "

Swan is as forthright in her thirst for fame as she is with the belief that she was anointed in this life by 'sixth dimensional beings'