Story in "Love What Matters" about the cult


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I'm an advice-column junkie, and subscribe to "Love What Matters" via Facebook. Some stories are uplifting, people who have fought through addictions or abuse, stories about motherhood, or just sad stories about the twists life can take. My point is, the audience is very general. Yesterday the following article came up in the feed and it made the eyes in my head bug out. It's horrible what happened to this girl, it's horrible what happens to anyone who brushes up against the evilness of this cult, but I was heartened that this story was carried by Love What Matters. More exposures to the evils!

An SP at 8 Years Old


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When it is so dehumanizing, when it us about breaking and abusing children, when it is about ruining financially, when it is about breaking human beings... Yes, it must be $cientology.

What a sad story. 😕


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Just when you think the abuse can't get any worse. What a heartbreaking story. I'm glad she's arrived at a point where she can talk about everything she's been through. <3


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Declared Suppressive Person at 8 years old and used for Guinea Pig experimental auditing, this thread is Kelly's Story.
Another 2nd GEN nightmare.