Stealing the childhood and parenting of children for STATS and REVENUE $$$$


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Attila's posted on Outer Banks (re-posted with his permission.)
Attila fled in a daring escape from the Flag Land Base after some 20 years in the Sea Org.
He hails from Hungary, now lives a successful life in the Tampa/St Petersburg area.

Attila Sonkoly

The "guardianship" of Scientology....
I knew a young girl from Romania, who was only 12!!! when recruited to the Sea Org at the Flag Land Base. Her name is Emoke Horvath (She was of Hungarian nationality). In order to receive her R1 visa the parents had to sign papers to give full guardianship over to someone at Flag. They signed the paper to hand her over to Laszlo Gonczi - he was a Snr HCO staff. She barely knew him. I don't know and I can't imagine how you can hand over your kid over to a stranger. I also can't imagine why a staff-hungry Flag is so desperate that they go after kids...
This was not a single case. Many of you might remember when over 120 kids from Int base were transferred to Flag base and got seperated from their parents. This was in order to boost the staff number at Flag and they also considered kids distraction to their parents at Int base...
If I remember right Guardians were assigned to every single of these kids too - but they did not too much if anything for these kids. Basically these kids were sentenced to grow up without parents... I always felt for the young kids at Flag who never got family or real schooling... This is criminal...
For research purposes ; does anyone know the legal base or Scientology references on Guardianship?

Sample image of Sea Org kids growing up in a commune with almost no parenting.


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I read threads on this forum and the same weary feeling always comes over me these days. For some reason I can't even feel indignant anymore. All I feel is this "tired" feeling that I can only describe as weariness as I realize for the millionth time just how Scientology reaches into all aspects of life including childhood and produces negative results. In the end Scientology disrupts and ruins everything if you let it into your life or if you have the bad luck to be born into it. I guess I am so weary because I can only read so much before I realize that each story is just the same awful story over and over again. I am so sick of this cult.


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Scientology is never satisfied. They want it ALL.

Your money.

Every hour of your waking life.

Your children.

They demand it all, and declare you suppressive if you dare resist their grabs.
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