Scientology Youth for Human Rights Award Winner Nation of Islam Brother Rizza Islam featured in Rolling Stone magazine on Covid-19 vaccines


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Scientology Youth for Human Rights Award Winner Nation of Islam Brother Rizza Islam featured in Rolling Stone magazine on Covid-19 vaccines.


They’ve Got Biden, We’ve Got Kyrie Irving’: Top Anti-Vaxxers Turn NBA Stars Into Disinformation Heroes

Facebook and YouTube may have tried to ban them, but Covid’s conspiracy kings tell ‘Rolling Stone’ that vaccine-denying NBA players have re-empowered the far right

'They've Got Biden, We've Got Kyrie Irving': Top Anti-Vaxxers Turn NBA Stars Into Disinformation Heroes

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Since vaccines started becoming widely available in February, Rizza Islam had been up to five Instagram accounts and counting. It was the posts about Bill Gates infecting people with viruses and Satan masterminding the Covid vaccine that led Facebook to ban him earlier this year. That and the other misrepresentations about how vaccines make women infertile and cause autism at a higher rate in people of color. (Which they do not.)

A fan of Louis Farrakhan and basketball alike, the 31-year-old Islam considers himself an occasional point guard for the type of NBA player who wants to do his own research — except the fake-news superspreader does it for them. Islam claimed in an interview Rolling Stone on Wednesday, though he could not corroborate, that he has direct-messaged on Instagram with “almost 10” NBA players seeking him out with questions ranging from (three) vaccine-related deaths to the (low) risk of a post-vaccine heart inflammation known as myocarditis. He alleges to have responded to these curious pro athletes with links to discredited doctors and context-free science that have been deleted from YouTube. His direct influence, Islam says, is to resuscitate misinformation from far-right conspiracy video sites like BitChute and Rumble: “That way, they don’t have to do too much searching, because they don’t have too much time. They have family. They have training. So I just do my best to assist.”

Following his four bans for repeated offenses of Facebook policy, Islam had gotten a new Instagram account back above 150,000 followers this week when he spotted a meme:

Kyrie Irving Reportedly Risks Losing $381K Per Game If He Remains Unvaccinated

Islam slapped his own face and the words “CONTINUE STANDING ON INTEGRITY BROTHER” next to Irving. That support from Islam’s flock — along with its purported “MOUNTAINS of evidence, data, facts, science and proof to justice your stance” — was enough to speak to the fringe in place of Irving’s silence, the anti-vax influencer figured, and he pressed share.

“He has an honorary jersey,” the conspiracy theorist tells Rolling Stone, of Irving’s place in his community. “He’s a great team member. Standing on integrity definitely makes one a hero, and it definitely makes one a revolutionary — of the likes of a Colin Kaepernick or Simone Biles.”

Islam says he has never interacted with Irving. Nonetheless, his followers interacted with the misinformation attached to Irving more than any of his posts all week … besides an undercover video from a Pfizer scientist eating brunch, and Summer Walker announcing her new album outside the BET Awards, from which she was uninvited for being unvaccinated.

This month, Islam also posted a CNN interview with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who was doubling down on his pro-vaccine comments made to Rolling Stone. “What I find especially disingenuous about the vaccine deniers is their arrogance at disbelieving immunology and other medical experts,” Abdul-Jabbar had told Rolling Stone. In Islam’s caption, he grouped the basketball legend with the NBA, police, and hospitals as “devils” that “need to be removed” for “being pressured and/or PAID OFF by pharmaceutical companies to push segregation.” Nonetheless, Islam tells Rolling Stone, he tries to hold celebrities accountable for data and reality — even Kyrie Irving, who notoriously once said the Earth was not round. “Any information you get has to be based in facts,” he says. “Whether it’s a flat Earth or vaccine, just make sure it’s right."


Even invisible defiance from Irving will speak volumes. Either that, or the real conspiracy theorists will speak for him. Try, anyway: Shortly after Rolling Stone alerted a Facebook representative to Rizza Islam’s post about Irving late on Thursday evening, Islam’s account — @gotcensored — got deactivated.

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