Scientology wants your feedback, thetan: ‘Who would you like to hear from?’


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[We can’t get enough of these Scientology whales: Are they available?]

It’s your chance to help out Scientology again, dear readers. They have sent out another survey to members, asking for their feedback. And this time, it’s about who they want to see on stage!

Now, we’re most used to seeing Scientology’s head honcho, David Miscavige, dominate proceedings at Scientology’s International Events, especially in the last 15 years or so. Before that, it was more likely that a collection of different people would get a chance to speak to the thousands assembled in Los Angeles or Clearwater or England.~~~ READ MORE


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ShamWoW guy.....

Vince Offer would make an interesting speaker....or MC

( if his tongue is healed now....)

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I'd like to see a Presentation about the Sea Org Team that finds Girl Friends for Tom Cruise.

What they look for and what the qualifications are. How are they vetted? Is height a factor?

Lots of interesting information that would keep an audience at the Shrine enthralled....I'm sure.

Some Graphs and Stats would be great....

Lets get these heroic Sea Org members who work so hard....some recognition!

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Which management terminals do you listen to?
The ones that blew and now tell the truth.

Which management terminals do you like hearing from at events or seminars?
The ones who expose church lies & fraud that are intended to create a world WITH insanity, WITH war and WITH criminality.

Which Flag terminals do look up to?
The ones in heaven--like Ron. Because he's "up" there at the top of all the charts, conditions, OT levels, tone levels and scales.

Which Flag terminals would you like hearing from at events or seminars?
A guest speaker—the world's leading attorney on class action suits and refunds.

What past events or seminars inspired you the most?
The mandatory worldwide event when Ron died. That inspired all of us and gave us hope that one day Miscavige might die as well.