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Ah, Scientology and the Covid bailout programs. How often we’ve followed this bouncing ball in the last year.

In July 2020 we pointed out that not only had three Scientology “orgs” received payroll bailout loans, but so had its drug rehab centers and some associated schools.

Then, on the morning of December 3 we reported that an even more extensive list of orgs, rehabs, schools, and front groups had received PPP loans, and we put them together in an illustrated list totaling about $4.4 million. Later that day the Daily Dot came out with a similar list, and since then the publication has published more updates regarding PPP and other federal programs showing that the total they found is now up to nearly $10 million.

In June, we pointed out that it wasn’t just Scientology’s orgs that were benefiting from the government’s bailout programs. We found that individual Scientologists like David Minkoff, his daughter Rebecca Minkoff, Ben Fialkoff, Rusty Tweed, and Grant Cardone had received generous help.

And Mike Rinder in January pointed out that Scientology was going for a pretty blatant double-dip, not only having its orgs apply for bailouts, but also asking its staff members to turn over their personal bailouts to the organization.