Scientology using to attract new members


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There's a method Scientology/Scientologists are using to get unsuspecting public interested in Scientology. They use to host a virtual event using one of their usual buttons (relationships, money, etc.) they will have people signup and then the "meetup" is really an intro seminar. They'll also have other Scientologists posing as attendees who are there to help contact the attendees and get them onto services at their local org, etc.

This isn't really new, Scientology has been using for a long time but from what I've heard it recently ramped up. If you live in a Scientology area you can go on and I'm sure you'll see some "meetups" that are intro lectures in disguise.

I think this has been posted/talked about a little bit already. I've been hearing that they were starting to do more of these, so I thought it was worth posting about.