Scientology Stacks the Phony Arbitration Deck


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these definitions are in the scientology admin dictionary. in order to have an *impartial* third party, wouldn't they have to be outside the cult? and if they are not cult savvy, how the heck would they know what they were hearing? this also doesn't sound like it would apply to issues CLEARLY AGAINST ANY US LAW.

page 38 admin dictionary (bold is mine)

ARBITRATION, a procedure for settling a dispute whereby the disputing parties agree on an impartial third party (called an arbitrator) who decides on the matter after a thorough examination of the issues presented by the disputing parties. The decision of the arbitrator is final and binding on the disputing parties.

ARBITRATION AGREEMENT, an agreement that if the need arises, an arbitrator agreeable to the disputing parties may be called in to settle the matter.

ARBITRATION BOARD, board set up to hear any complaints on examination fairness on Flag and CLOs. (Formerly HCO Board of Review). (ED 8 Flag)

ARBITRATION, COMPULSORY, arbitration in which the parties concerned are ordered to have their dispute referred to an arbitrator. Compulsory arbitration may be ordered by a state or federal agency, or may be required by law. (huh?)

ARBITRATION, LABOR, a means of handling a labor dispute whereby the matter is submitted for decision to arbitrators agreeable to the disputing parties. The decision of the arbitrators becomes final and must be adhered to by the parties involved.

ARBITRATION, TERMINAL, a mediation agreed to by employer and employees as the final stage in settling a labor dispute.

ARBITRATION, VOLUNTARY, a form of arbitration where the conflicting parties willingly agree to settling the dispute by submitting it to arbitration.

ARBITRATOR, a person selected to examine and settle the issues involved between disputing parties. The arbitrator then recommends a handling which is binding on all parties involved.