Scientology simplified. It's O/Ws and Body Thetans, that's it !


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When you first join the cult of Scientology, you are taught "Man is BASICALLY GOOD".
When you depart the cult years even decades later, you learn you are basically EVIL. (Declared SP)

I explain more in this video.

Mirrored with permission of my host Ron Miscavige. Ron and I have known each other since the early 1970s ! Whew. Here Ron asks me to explain to the average person "What is Scientology?" and I summarise in into 1 paragraph.

Almost all of Scientology technology and practice is 2 things: 1) Finding out and pulling your secrets, your dark deeds, your "Crimes" your EVIL and your EVIL Intentions. 2) The Exorcism of the attached spirits which Hubbard says are attached you spiritually, or to the body you inhabit.

It costs about 1/2 million to a million dollars to do the one size fits all cookie cutter "BRIDGE" which is the chart you ascend to do all these actions. I speak from having been in it and done it all climbing to the highest rank in training in existence, Class XII CS. Yes, I was in the MATRIX and I swallowed it all. I am OLDER and WISER now.



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"Scientology simplified.
It's O/Ws and Body Thetans, that's it!"

Brilliant summary of Scientology, Karen! Scientology Bridge To Total Freedom = 2 auditing processes:
1. "What are your crimes?"
2. "Who/What are your BTs?"

The 1st command is asked any time at all--in or out of session.

The 2nd set of commands is asked directly to your ghosts, to try and make them stop haunting you and leave. (i.e. "Who are you?" and/or "What are you?")

Yeah, I can see how all that would be the "science of mental health", lol.

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