Scientology sends out a deluge of mailers as its newest Texas location prepares to open


Well-known member

We’re getting the sense that Scientology leader David Miscavige is itching to cut the ribbon on his new “Ideal Org” in Austin, Texas. That’s one of the renovations that he had nearly completed when the pandemic shut everything down in March 2020.

One sign that he may be about to hold a grand opening ceremony is that one of our tipsters reports that a deluge of mailers has suddenly been pouring out of the Austin organization, even though our tipster in this case is located in Los Angeles.

Out of the dozens of flyers and come-ons that landed in our tipster’s inbox, we selected some of the best for you to look at. We especially liked the recruitment poster for the Sea Org. We never get enough of Sea Org posters.~~~READ MORE