Scientology poster Boy Tom Cruise and strangest SCN CULT BROMANCE, Miscavige and Cruise - part 1/2


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Video Description:
Tom Cruise is treated like ROYALTY in the cult and is oblivious to the darker side of Scientology. He does not examine both sides. He is said to worship David Miscavige“Tom Cruise Worships David Miscavige Like a God” (as reported by Tony Ortega on the Underground Bunker.)
Story In this video the Scientology cult became a dating service to find a sexual partner for Tom, see what they did and the aftermath.
1:00 Tom Cruise and Scientology.: I scratch your back, you scratch my back QUID PRO QUO Scn cult treats him like royalty and in exchange he shills and promotes the cult.
1:20 Tom Cruise had 3 wives all divorced when wife turned 33
2:30 Nicole Kidman had a bunch of SCN counseling but has returned to Catholicsim
3:30 Hubbard instructions was to Lure in Celebrities so they could be mouthpieces for promoting Scientology.
5:05 Bella and Connor were indoctrinated about good and evil and suppressive persons and they were indoctrinated that their own mother Nicole was a Suppressive person.
7:00 Scn cult thought Tom Cruise had drifted away from SCN because of Nicole's influence that's why they labelled her a Suppressive person
8:00 Tom Cruise was treated like Royalty at the headquarters, his own basket ball court, tennis court, his own gymnasium
10:00 Tom Cruise has a fantasy of running through a field of wild daisies holding Nicole's hand and SE Org members get sleep deprivation working all night to plant the wild flowers for Tom's pleasure.
11:15 Tom Cruise was given a Birthday party on the Scientology ship FREEWINDS which cost $400,000. Tax free money, as IRS granted RELIGIOUS Tax EXEMPTION used to pimp out a movie star.
12:00 An entire Sushi restaurant was transported to FREEWINDS so Tom could eat the sushi he liked.
13:40 After Nicole Kidman turned out to be luke warm about SCN and apparently influenced TOM to leave SCN. Scn decided TOM needed an obedient SCN girlfiend. One the cult could control

(Part 2 follows)