Scientology leader David Miscavige can’t be found, lawyers say

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I posted two similar articles that just cropped up in mainstream media - not exactly good pr, though Hubbard did say any articles about Scientology, good or bad, is good for scientology. See:
Where, oh where has my little lost sheep gone? - main strream news flash!

Woops - a typo - augh - too late to fix it.:duh:



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Finding David Miscavige: Why lawyers have been unable to serve papers on Scientology leader

Excerpt :
While the church claims to be a force for good through its charitable outreach and practice of dianetics, which is said to help treat mental illness, critics and former members have described it as an alleged “cult” that separates families, forces members into slavery, and extorts money from its followers.


mimsey borogrove

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David Miscavige was in hiding. Now he's missing. Let's discuss. Aaron Smith-Levin Twitter: @GrowingUpInSCN Instagram: Asmithlevin FB: "Supporters of Leah Remini" FB Group: Facebook: Twitter: @AftermathFDN Instagram: TheAftermathFoundation #scientology #davidmiscavige #clearwater

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A retired lawyer here chiming in: The judge should, and likely will, allow Miscavige to be served in an indirect fashion at this point such as by publication or dumping the papers off at Scientology headquarters. I'm surprised the attorneys have had to work so hard and not done been able to do this yet. Go get 'em!

Voyle Glover
6 hours ago
As a long time attorney headed into retirement, it is really puzzling to me why the attorneys aren't availing themselves of the rules as to service of process that allow for circumstances where a defendant deliberately evades service of process. I'm sure they have good reasons and am not here to second guess them (I always hated back-seat drivers & would-be-lawyers). But, the rules do provide they can serve such a defendant by newspaper (publication of notice with certain affidavits to attest as to the efforts & failure to serve). Since there is some question as to his actual dwelling, they could publish in California in the last known address, and in Florida. Once served, they can take a default judgment. However, that probably isn't in their game plan; and, sometimes one can come in and overturn a default judgment, especially if you have a smart lawyer and the client is an expert liar who can invent a story as to why he "does not and has not lived in this county in 10 years, yer honor....blah, blah...blah:. Also, I suspect the lawyers want his physical presence so he can be subject to depositions and cross examination. It isn't just a judgment they are after. If it was just about $$, I'm sure they could get a default and could have obtained one by now. Something else going on here and there is something they want his testimony on; they want this guy UNDER OATH for some reason. Could be forces in the background that they will "leak" the information/deps to later (like maybe the public? or certain elements of law enforcement who are curious?). Dunno. Very, very curious. He's definitely a cunning man. As one who has had a brush with cultic mindset and '"man worship," I am quite certain the clock is ticking down on his time. We can hear the piper playing. The question is, when will the piper be paid? Just my thots, for the nickel they're worth...