Scientology is bursting with news about its aging cruise ship, which is totally not sinking


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On Monday, after we’d wondered about Joy Villa’s lowly schlepping of Scientology at a seaside vendor’s table in England, we posted Joy’s own ringing endorsement of the gig. She said that she was having a whale of a time selling copies of Dianetics to the punters, and who are we to say otherwise, right?

Well, we’ve also been posting some pretty dim looks at Scientology’s private cruise ship, the Freewinds, which used to wander all over the Caribbean but since the pandemic hit has mostly stuck to port in Aruba, asking Scientologists to come and experience its “OT Bubble.”~~~READ MORE


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Isn't bookselling kinda a "task" that an EO might assign to "downstat" or those of "questionable status...?"

Those that don't have clearance to "move on up".....but are kinda doing it as an Amends Project?

So...I am saying that some Book Sellers are sorta blackmailed into the task....