Scientology is a special hell for the ‘staff’ who work at your local ‘org’


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EXCERPT from blog:
A couple of different things prompted me to come forward about my experience as an ex-Scientology Class V Org staff member. I will summarize as best I can.

I was on staff from 1978 to 1993. I was 24 when I joined, leaving at age 37. I started as a Basic Courses Supervisor. After formal Supervisor training at the Flag Base, I became the Lead Academy Supervisor, a post I held for several years. I then was sent to Los Angeles International Training Org to train on the OEC and FEBC. I completed both, returned to the org and held both OES and eventually ED posts. After a few years, with one year remaining on my contract, I blew that post and the org for eight months. I was persuaded to come back and finish out the four remaining months on my contract, or risk being declared Suppressive with a huge “Freeloader” debt.

I served that last four months back in the Academy as a Supervisor and “legally” routed out at the end of four months. As a public parishioner, I continued services until around the mid 2000s, at which point I decided I was done.

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Wow. I have been there. I only stayed on staff because I didn't want to pay a freeloaders debt. It was horrible but I knew people who changed their 2 1/2 year contract to 5 years because they were so stupid dedicated Scientologists.