Scientology honcho lectures Clearwater leaders on how he’s been mistreated


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Like the rest of you, we’ve been fascinated by the skillful reporting by Tampa Bay Times writer Tracey McManus as she’s covered the ongoing strife between the Church of Scientology and the city of Clearwater, Florida.

McManus has twice delivered blockbuster investigations about how, since the city in 2017 spurned Scientology leader David Miscavige’s attempt to get his hands on a small downtown parcel of empty land, wealthy Scientologists have gone on a buying spree of property there, seemingly in a bid to snuff out the city’s attempts at revitalization. The maps accompanying those stories have simply been stunning, showing how much Miscavige has increased his stranglehold of downtown land.~~~READ MORE



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I can only IMAGINE what Miscavige's 3.5 hour address to city council was like.

He is incapable of changing his tone.
He uses in-your-face-domination because he believes he some kind of SUPREME COMMANDER.
Addressing Clearwater City Council like they were his juniors would leave a sour taste in their mouth.
He would even address RTC (senior) members with huge disparagement and denigration.
He is stuck in some delusional identity of being the ultimate saviour of planet earth with SCN *technology* using phrases such as "GLOBAL SALVAGE"
oh boy.DM.aged.jpg

Reyne Mayer

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One would only hope he offended the council. Offending anyone is rather easy. All you have to do is act like a Scientologist.
if he lectured and scolded politicians and top officials (including a former prosecutor who's now the city attorney) for over 3 hours, i'm almost certain that's exactly what he accomplished. which would be very much a $cn footbullet, though in reality good as far as making abundantly clear to local leaders just what sort of supremacism and unreasonability (in the normal, not-good sense) they're really dealing with.


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I hope he really did scold them. Wouldn't be surprised if he put on a PR front.

If the city does make firm plans with scientology they should make sure they get ironclad contracts in place. Otherwise I could see the church just changing its mind for no real reason.