Scientology Hates “Experts” — Unless They Are Paying Them


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EXCERPT from blog:
STAND League is a constant source of ideas of what should be discussed about scientology. They accuse others (usually Leah Remini and me) of exactly what they are doing. They rail again anti-Semitism, it spurs me to write about scientology and the NOI. They complain about “anti-religionists” it prompts something about what Hubbard had to say about religion. Scientology is “fun” – brings on a post about disconnection and crush regging.

And now I noticed this one.

Rest assured, every one of the “experts” scientology touts is paid. Massimo Introvigne of CESNUR., Gordon Melton, Brian Wilson and many, many others. I know, I did the original program to find “religious experts” who would write “expertises” on the subject of scientology. Every single one of them was paid for their “work,” though that fact was not made public. Tony Ortega recently covered “Apologist Academics” in his list of Top 25 People Enabling Scientology.