Scientology hate websites What can be done about it?

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When searching the web the Scientology hate websites sometimes appears high in the search engines results page.

Google loves feedback and lives on serving accurate results.

Help Google with everyone's safe search experience. The Scientology hate websites does need a little feedback from the users.

Jeffrey Augustine have you ever tried this 2 steps?

Send a knowledge report to the knowledge graph. Some of this sites do not belong in the Google index and might need some help to get de-indexed?

Linking to Hateful and misleading content is BAD SEO
Google does not like spreading of virus, hacking actions or misleading hateful content. By making it public available or linking to such content you are actively creating bad SEO on your site & helping to spread the shit.

If you already have links to Scientology hate websites, just delete the links and insert a image from the hate-site. Baptize the image to Scientology hate or something accurate. This will increase the visibility of your site by decreasing the links to bad places on the net. Who want to be associated with hateful contents?

The Scientology websites with Standleague and Freedommag are interconnected with the hate-sites and some of them have hate contents on their websites. So ANY LINK TO ANY SCIENTOLOGY website is supporting the hate websites.

Links are what connects the web.

Harassing hateful contents Scientology .jpg

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My statistics exposing the cult are doing just fine and their hate sites don't mean fiddlesticks.
Their virulent cluster/vengeance speaks far more of their character than mine.

On YOUTUBE alone, I have over 11 million views 7 years..that well over 1 million views a year.

When the cult promotes me with their virulence I get huge amounts of friend requests, private emails and MORE YouTube views ! LOL :hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical:

Stats Joined Mar 26, 2013 11,218,739 views
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Yes Surviving Scientology are doing great!
But your sites are not on top of the search "Karen de la Carriere" or who is Karen de la Carriere. The scientology hate sites are on top of that search and that is my concern. I Think it is time to get the COS SCientology hate-sites out of google index. or at least out of top 10.

Thats my point


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Scientology ~~

I am doing exceptionally well, better than most.
I pay no heed to their "Manufactured* nonsense.
Neither do most of the population.
These sites are to appease and placate Miscavige.
They really do not mean a hill of beans.
I waste no time viewing them or de Google indexing them.
Doesn't he look reptilian here ?


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Defining Scientology & What is a Scientology Hate Site

What is a Scientology Hate Site?
Here we can see the principle skillfully mirrored. Linking just to ex Scientologist Scientology resources, not COS. © Church of Xenu International. All Rights Reserved.

Why is this Scientology Xenu related site not on top of the search?
Wealth is a relation between incoming and outgoing flow. This site has virtually no links to it, but plenty outgoing links some broken and some questionable.

Church of Scientology hate sites are skillfully linked to each other with several stronger back up sites.

who is david miscavige.jpg

This site "Who is David Miscavige" is a nice try but appears to be down most of the time.

Defining Scientology
When ex Scientologists are strong on the search "Scientology" and related searches the Church of Scientology have to become sane online. Most of the knowledge about Scientology is in the hands of ppl outside of COS, it is about time that this shows up in the search results.

Taking down the Scientology hate websites sends a good informative message about defining and definitions online. Being on top of Scientology related searches is the other sides of the very same thing. Around 2017-2018 Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology was ranking on third place on the search "Scientology" ... But no longer. Being strong on that search is the pure definition of density of Scientology knowledge and where it is online.
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On YOUTUBE alone, I have over 11 million views 7 years..that well over 1 million views a year.
While the Church has never had more than some 78 000 members as long as I can remember. Right now their numbers are probably in the ~30 000 or so range.

So @Karen#1 , how does it feel to be over 33 times more popular than the "most ethical organization on the planet"?
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