Scientology has thrown millions at Ireland in recent years, and here’s the amazing result


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EXCERPT from blog:
Thanks to a tipster we have another interesting look inside Scientology’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

And again, it’s the Dublin org that is giving us that glimpse into what it’s like for a totalitarian organization to frantically try to keep its locked down members busy.

Scientology leader David Miscavige has thrown huge amounts of money at Ireland, trying to make Scientology happen in a place where it has hardly a pulse at all. At the last census, only 87 people in Ireland identified as Scientologists, and as Rod Keller pointed out on Sunday, despite years of effort and huge expense, only some 76 members appear to have signed up for online classes.

But here’s the org’s latest attempt to keep those people with their eyes on L. Ron Hubbard’s prize!