Scientology Gold Meritorious Joy Villa is in a relationship with Avi Vatsa


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Scientology Gold Meritorious Joy Villa is in a relationship with Avi Vatsa.
Poor guy. Let's all hold a minute of silence for Avi. :sorrow:


Wow, that was fast. Didn't she just leave a relationship?


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Mike Rinder has a story about this:

Joy Villa Scientology Fame Whore Gets Her (Next) Man

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Wow, that's an amazingly dumb tweet which will be seen as out-PR for sure.

Overall its such a bad, donwtone, out-PR message that I don't know where to begin. Let me do the highlights gator-style:

"A training twinship gone awry" - What the hell? How come such a big being as you has twinship issues all of a sudden? Where's your ARC-skills girl?

"I wanted to give up many times. I broke down and felt lost many times" - Wait, you are training at Joburg 12 hrs a day and you aren't entirely happy but felt lost? Only as a result of some amend project did you start "booming the org"? What? How is that a success story?

"I did a danger formula on my 3D and started to out-create the nonsense and noise on my lines" - Wow, people are now making "Hey, I'm doing lowers!" public tweets? Whoa, since when? How is that good PR? :nooo:

I think a formula of doubt is in order.




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Rich people need more Joy in their lives (pun intended).

Hey, maybe we can introduce her to Trump?