Scientology Elder Abuse Part 2


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We just concluded our second episode with Mike Brown, detailing the abuses rampant in scientology, and especially with Sea Org members.

We showed some documents during the course of the episode and I am including them here.~~~READ MORE



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list of elders with locations (if alive) in that link.

okay aaron just did the video with names and "hammerson" rang a bell. now i remember. she (thought it was a he when my sister mentioned it the other day) JUST wrote my 70 something year old sister a letter saying they were both in at the same time. so when aaron was talking i was thinking how somebody was just saying they write letters when they get too old for anything else. probably a mike brown video. so yeah, hammerson on that list.

PAC Base Complex, Main Building Room 216 (L. Ron Hubbard Way Hollywood CA.)

Patricia “Pat” Hammerson (Heart trouble, high BP) PAC Call Center (~65yo)

Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2014
From: Pat Hammersen <[email protected]>

Dear Xxxxxx,

The good news is we handled the drought in California and everything will be bright and clean.


The Grand Opening for AOLA and ASHO Day and Foundation will now be on Sunday March 2nd! We are to be here by noon with lots of parking and food and festivities.

On Monday the 3rd of March is the Grand Opening of the Life Improvement Center! We are meant to be on Hollywood Blvd by 5pm!

Again there is lots of parking at the base and there will be transport to the Center, as well as the Metro ~ which takes 6 minutes!

There will be lots of food and this is LRH’s dream!!
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somebody was mentioning ken hoden but i don't remember where. he was texting me in january. since they generally aren't allowed near computers or phones, i have to wonder if this stuff really is coming from who it says.