Scientology donor Jim Mathers has your L. Ron Hubbard mantra for sending kids back to school


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EXCERPT from blog:
As kids begin to head back to school in various parts of the country, parents are naturally apprehensive about how their local district is going to negotiate our ongoing national health nightmare.
After four months cooped up at home, kids are bouncing off the walls, parents are at their wits’ end, and schools are trying to come up with plans that won’t endanger teachers and staff, and won’t infect students with the coronavirus to take home to mom, dad, and grandma.
Surely, no one would blame schools for caring about everyone’s safety at a time like this, right?
Well, you might be surprised.


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Mathers concludes his essay by quoting L. Ron Hubbard as follows:

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Until it is considered to be so, it is not true that an impact is very damaging. Until it is considered to be so that an illness can take place, no illness can take place. This is the mechanism of the society. — L. Ron Hubbard, 7th ACC, Lecture 9, 28 June 1954, EXTERIORIZATION

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This is the most pathetically and moronically ignorant thing I have read in a long time. It is a rejection of all science and of all science-based medicine.

It is also dangerous. Not just to Mathers, his family and his friends, but to everyone. It makes him a potential typhoid Mary.

Significantly, it also stands in opposition to everything the Church of Scientology is saying publicly about how to handle the Covid 19 pandemic.

It immolates everything the Church of Scientology is publicly saying about masks, social distsncing and gloves. Why go to the cost, inconvenience and trouble associated with masks, social distancing and gloves when all one has to do to be immune from disease is to reject the consideration "that an illness can take place?"

Jim Mathers is a menace most of all to the Church of Scientology itself. While he may or may not expose its members to Covid 19, depending on pure luck, he has definitely exposed the hubris, scientific ignorance and profound stupidity of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard for all of the world to see.
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