Scientology cult unlawful imprisonment RPF order 3434RE 1974


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re-revised by commodore's messenger? seems contrary to what was stated just above that (at the end). these policies and regulations may only be put aside or amended or cancelled with the approval of the Commodore or of LRH Pers Comm. was LRH the only Commodore?
By the late 70s, LRH was supposed to be no longer actively managing Scientology, (and thus not personally responsible for what Scientology did). This was important for his legal liability status.

So what he did was to insert cut-outs between himself and the organization (like a Mafia don), like WDC and CMO.

Thus, he could tell a Messenger "make such and such changes to this policy", and it would go out as having been revised by "Messenger", but everyone knew it was really LRH.

Until LRH got too smart for his own good, and his inserted Messenger (Miscavige) used his position to take over.

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The wife and I found out about Scientology being in Clearwater before it was public knowledge from a relative who read about it in a local newspaper, and was asking us about it.


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I was RPFd in 1974, happy days. No security officers then in AOSHUK, we had a relatively easy time. We had a few life threatening jobs to do, but on the whole we got to sleep at night and got fed enough. On the whole not talking to the crew was no problem, an advantage really.

It would have been very easy to have blown, though birthing was at Stonelands and a long walk to a safe town. I do remember walking to Saint Hill through the woods one day, the others had already left and I had to follow when I'd done something, forgotten what. There was no transport going in so I had to walk.

Great, it was wonderful with snow gently falling and a huge male deer jumping in front of me, I felt so free and aware that I could quite simply leave. But of course I had nowhere to go and I knew I would be declared and lose family.

I just checked google and google recons it would take at least an hour and a half to walk it. It was one of the best walks I ever did.

If I had the chance to rerun that section of my life I would certainly just have carried on walking through the woods till I came to civilization, Crawley would only have been twice as far. Still the universe doesn't work that way. I have so much to thank the cult for. A good walk, the chance to travel and a few people that are still in my life, thank you Wrong, clap clap clap.

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Until LRH got too smart for his own good, and his inserted Messenger (Miscavige) used his position to take over.
well, i think he tended to think he was smarter and more capable than he was, and then get the organization into trouble that he'd then have to try to extract it from, which he maybe had a bit of a knack for. it seems to me that he made the mistake of setting up the CoS so it could be run by one person behind the scenes who controlled the lines of communication and the corporate levers of power -- but then assumed he could somehow turn it over to a sort of caretaker collective leadership, with the Broekers and the WDC, and various loyalists in key positions. i suspect that DM judged probably correctly that the untested new arrangement wasn't going to really work for an authoritarian cult, and decided to just take over Dear Leader's position.