Scientology Crime Watch: Repeat Offender Dr. Dennis Nobbe of Miami Charged With Health Care Fraud, Money Laundering, Etc.

J. Swift

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Tony Ortega broke the story today of Miami Scientologist and chiropractor Dr. Dennis Nobbe being charged with serious financial felonies. Nobbe was arrested for, among charges, the fraudulent taking of PPP monies and an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL).

A big part of the story here is the disjunct between Scientology’s PR fantasy about Dr. Nobbe’s prosperity versus the criminal reality. The Church of Scientology allowed Dennis Nobbe to present “Personal Prosperity Seminars” when it knew, based upon sec checks, that he was involved in financial crimes.



No surprise here: Yet another Scientologist involved in financial crimes. Worse, Nobbe is a repeat offender. This recidivist was terminated from the CareCredit program in 2010 due to his scammy financial behavior. This is why Nobbe turned to using proxies to effectuate the healthcare fraud and money laundering schemes for which he now stands charged. Nobbe even took COVID-19 money. He has no shame.

Nobbe’s prior behavior is detailed in the criminal complaint against him:

The possibility of Nobbe being convicted is exceptionally high: The FBI secretly recorded phone calls he made to his fellow conspirators who cooperated with the FBI. If convicted, the judge will take note of Nobbe’s prior conduct and conclude that he learned the nothing and showed no contrition or change in behavior.

Dennis Nobbe appears to be headed to prison as are his fellow Scientologist chiropractors Jeff and Jay Spina. The Spina brothers plead guilty to all charges in the $80 million Medicare fraud they perpetrated against US taxpayers. The Spina brothers are seen below holding a Scientology award for, we suppose, being the most ethical chiropractors on this planet: