SCIENTOLOGY BLACK OPS, Episode 8: The secret Paul Haggis shared with the wrong person


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EXCERPT from blog:
‘Betrayal,’ the eighth episode of ‘Scientology Black Ops,’ a special 7NEWS Australia investigation that was cancelled by the network in July, has been leaked to the Internet.

Ten episodes were scheduled to be published to the 7NEWS website on July 14 when the network changed its mind, cancelled the program, and also pulled down a trailer it had made for the series. On August 31, we found that the first episode in the series had been leaked, and we embedded it along with a transcript we prepared. We also did the same for the second episode, ‘Witness X,’ on Sept 4, the third episode, ‘Taken,’ on Sept 11, the fourth episode, ‘The Star,’ on Sept 14, the fifth episode, ‘Always Attack,’ on Sep 17, the sixth episode, ‘Dirty Tricks’ on Sept 21, and the seventh episode, ‘Celebrity’ on Sept 27.


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Wow, friggin Marty again! Great series. I see why COS didn't want it ever seen.


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The Dani Lemberger anecdote:

The fact that Dani's private Email to Marty (wanting Miscavige dead or some such)
~~ this private Email is voiced by opposing counsel in Israel.
That was a shock.
But it isn't just the Dani Lemberger story.
It the fact that Church Lawyers stepped in to represent Marty on a motion filed by Ray Jeffrey
Ray talks about it in this recent podcast (Towards the end)