Scientology baloney: Kali rituals and false claims of out-of-body exteriorization


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Jon and Karen discuss Scientology's promise of "exteriorization" - being out of one's body with "full perception" - and how it is absolute baloney. They also talk about how they each got into Scientology, and discuss their differing beliefs on reincarnation.
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0:55 Charging $1500 an hour for Ls audting (counseling) while the auditors fall asleep during the session
4:31 how Karen got into Scientology and a note on re-incarnation
8:51 how Jon got into Scientology
12:05 can children remember past lives?
14:00 Scientology public remembering famous past lives (Karen case-supervised 1000s of public. 5000 people claimed they were Jesus, 2000 said they were Julius Caesar in a past life, 1500 said they were Cleopatra etc.)
19:27 Scientology hierarchy's hypocrisy
23:22 Hubbard's LIE that he never let anyone leave the ship without becoming successfully "exterior with full perception"
26:09 how one public member saw the Tampa Airport lights turning into evil grinning faces after doing L-11 "processing"
33:26 Scientology's "guiding principle:Make money, Make more money
34:50 Scientology avoids paying their fair share of taxes while
using the Government to pay the medical bills for their staff and Sea Org members.
45:00 Kali ceremonies on the Apollo. (One method of discipline was a ritual called the Kali Ceremony. A hideous picture of the Goddess Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction, was put up and a ritual was held for auditors that goofed up. In a darkened candlelit room, the auditors and interns were given sheets of lyrics for a hymn to the goddess Kali, sung to the tune of "Rock of Ages". After the hymn was sung, the offending auditor was made to "bow and scrape" to the goddess Kali and then was given a knife and a mock preclear folder and told to "stab the preclear" at which time the auditor had to stab the folder over and over.)
53:00 Hubbard's fake "forgiveness" on the Apollo.
57:00 Hubbard's axiom 31: "Goodness and badness, beautifulness and ugliness are alike considerations, and have no other basis than opinion."
1:05:00 Scientology will give you a committee of evidence (equivalent to a Court Martial) if you get Covid !