Scientology and sex in a high-control group

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I don't know about sex and Scientology (apart from what Pilot says about the New York org - some wild times in the 60s apparently), but I think some people got messed up with Rajneesh as regards sex. I knew someone who was in a group along with a number of ex-Rajneeshis and she said some of the men ended up thinking they were God's gift to women. It was probably a result of it (sex) coming too easily to them.


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Enforced "Green Card Marriages"

Miscavige's Marriages of Convenience

The Flag Service Org, LRH's "Mecca of Technical Perfection" was the last service organization that LRH personally ran. It used to be his org and into the 1980s, the org still had that vibe about it. But in the 1990s, David Miscavige took over and he made it very clear Flag was HIS personal org. He virtually moved to Flag in the late 1990s and lived there personally overseeing all removations, and even C/Sing cases although he was not a C/S. His most notorious pc? Lisa McPherson. But if you had any Scientology auditing at all, chances are even you personally have been touched by the knowbest of David Miscavige. His latest stunt? Forcing every Scientologist to redo their entire Grade Chart from the bottom up.

Think "ka-ching!" And if by now you don't think David Miscavige is all about the money, this next story will perhaps sway you.

How would you feel if you were informed by an organization to which you had sworn your eternity, to which you gave 110 percent day in and day out, that you were about to be deported? Would you do whatever you could to be able to stay?

That was the scenario at David Miscavige's Flag Service Org in 2006, when at a staff meeting, we were handed a piece of paper with all the names of foreign staff on it. It was Command Intention for anyone who's religious worker visa was expiring to do whatever they had to do to get a green card NOW.

And how to get that green card? Why, get married to a US citizen, of course!

This was a base-wide flap. We're talking Class IX auditors, Class XII auditors and top executives on that list. And funnily enough, it was brought up by the PR staff at staff meeting, as it was a "legal ruds" situation. Legal-schmegal, it was a criminal activity.

From the briefing, we were told that this was deadly serious and it was clear that we couldn't afford to lose ANY staff because it would cut across “Command Intention,” i.e., David Miscavige’s project to man-up the Super Power team (that went on forever) and the new FSO building being built. Yet another scenario where the FSO had to expand rapidly to handle the entire world, as the rest of the orgs were being undercut continually by David Miscavige.