Scientology’s Scheme to Use Rape Victims for “Positive Press”


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Oh how they project themselves. They are the epitome of covering up rapes and sexual molestation.
Alexander Jentzsch at 12 years old was having sexual intercourse with a Marie Warren, 40.
Never reported to Clearwater PD. All nicely covered up

More excerpt of today's post:

No, he would rather exploit the circumstances for the benefit of scientology. “Criticize laxity of police” (even though he says the victim had never spoken about it before). Call in the press. Get parents to sue. And on and on, with the end results of “something good attained — Scientology in schools.”

The evil cynicism of this is hard to fathom.

He goes on with another example and then gives the rule to be applied about press, “You cause it. You don’t just receive it.”

Oh how they project themselves. They have covered up rapists in the Sea Org for decades and to this day and in cahoots and defense Danny Masterson.

Though these days the media is pretty immune to scientology’s attempts to get good coverage, we see these scenarios now playing out on social media.

Designed campaigns that string out over time, repeating the same messages with no concern whether what is being said is true or false. They lie about how they get companies to cancel their advertising if the show has Leah involved (remember F.Gavina and Sons coffee that Stefanie Hutchison did an epic takedown on) and even made up a new one lately that her “publicist had quit because she is a hater and bigot” — it was completely untrue.

For scientology, this is normal operating procedure.

One of Hubbard’s other orders is to: “Start feeding lurid, blood sex crime actual evidence on the attackers to the press.” You can read this policy here: HCOPL 15 FEB 1966 ATTACKS ON SCN ADDT’L

Scientology OSA trolls have been running a daily campaign against me for years — “Mike Rinder the wife beater.” It has been disproven over and over, but they continue to pump out the lurid stories, including manufactured blood and violence.

They have accused Leah and me of “inciting a murder” though that too is completely false.
Their latest disgusting angle is targeting Leah (and to a lesser extent me) as an “Eternal Rapist Defender” and shoops with “I heart rapists” shirts. Right out of the scientology Press Policies reference above that says to FOCUS ON SEX.
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