Scientology’s mystery sandwich: A ‘church’ where deception is a sacrament


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EXCERPT from blog:
One of our readers forwarded an “FSM Newsletter” they received recently from the Church of Scientology. And reading it, we were reminded that Scientology is such a dishonest mess, we sometimes get inured to it.

Longtime Scientology watchers will not be surprised that “Field Staff Members” — essentially salespeople — are instructed to deceive and cajole new people into becoming members. But it still stuns us that something that calls itself a “church” would be so blatant about it.

The newsletter encourages FSMs, who bring in new people on commission, to rely on a 1978 policy letter written by founder L. Ron Hubbard. This policy, “Come-On Dissemination” has been public for years, but it doesn’t get the attention it really deserves.