Scientology’s magic and mysticism, as told by L. Ron Hubbard’s blogging son Arthur


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[Arthur Hubbard’s blood-art]

Eight years ago here at the Bunker, we asked historian Jon Atack to talk with us about Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s occult years (1945-46) and the strange rituals he got up to with early rocket scientist Jack Parsons in Pasadena.

In particular, we were curious about something Hubbard referred to as The Blood Ritual, and Jon explained that it had something to do with Egyptian myth and the Tarot. It was wild stuff. Also in that article we brought the story forward by pointing out that Hubbard’s youngest son, Arthur, was promoting his own Blood Ritual.~~~READ MORE


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I read the first few sentences from Arthur CONway and that was it. I just couldn't read it.

He certainly is no Elron. I try not to read any Elron either but at least Elron's self-love was amusing to read even now that I know the truth.

Artie just sounds like yet another boring "fair minded" defender. At least he didn't begin with, "I'm not a Scientologist but..."