Scientology’s heyday: When you got golden tickets for past-life therapy


Well-known member

[Charlie, you’re going to Flag!]

We’re continuing to go through a remarkable cache of pristine Scientology materials from the mid-1980s that a former ‘OT’ church member recently sent us.

The stuff really seems to capture a moment in time when Scientology was in its heyday: Sales of ‘Dianetics’ were booming thanks to the erupting volcano TV ad campaign by Jefferson Hawkins, L. Ron Hubbard had been in hiding for several years, and the complex corporate reorganization following the dismantling of the Guardian’s Office was complete. The Sea Org was ascendant, and the era of David Miscavige’s control following the death of Hubbard in January 1986 was looming.

And in those heady times you could get golden discount vouchers for past-life therapy at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater, Florida!~~~