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when I read up about Aristotle 3 types of friendship. That opened me eyes on what a true friend is. We all have true friends.
I once read a great definition of a friend: someone who helps you obtain your goals.

IDK if that's a Scientology or LRH one or not but it is great.

It clarified quality.

Sure, I can have a beer and pizza goal or a much deeper, fulfilling goal.

The true friend, good friend is the better quality goal achievement helper.

I've successfully eliminated those who don't fit that definition and life has dramatically improved.


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OT Setups win from Scientologirl

OT Setups win from Scientologirl

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I know how the usual wins are expressed. There’s usually the order of first it’s the background, next is the win, and last is the thanks. This time, I feel it’s so important to give my gratitude first. I am so incredibly grateful to Mr. Hubbard, to independent Scientology, and to my wonderful auditor and fiancé, Jon. Life has become incredible and I owe it all to you.

Last night we reviewed older videos on my channel in comparison to recent ones and the difference in me is clearly visible! From dreading going on camera (being shy, even if some can’t tell) to now having that certainty like “I have something to say and I’m gonna say it!”

But, it’s not just with the channel. It’s everything. I’m so much more confident, more certain, and finally, NOT rollercoastering through life! I’ve even quit smoking thanks to auditing and other Scientology principles which I never thought could be possible, literally.

I must admit, earlier on I had my doubts about certain somatics disappearing after handlings in session but, things like palpitations and joint pain are just not there anymore.

But, all these things are nice, and they sure help make life a lot easier, but nothing compares to the consistent happiness I have. My life has truly changed - from waking up unenthusiastic about my days to being content to now being enthusiastic! And even session, I feel I used to withhold a bit and be nervous and now I absolutely love it and go in daily, consistently, because I’ve gone from being somewhat interested in my case to super interested in my case!

I don’t really know what else to say, other than I am so in love with this personal journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Happiness doesn’t really describe what L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, or my auditor Jon, has given me. I feel lucky and blessed and more spiritually aware than I’ve ever been.

So once again, my eternal gratitude goes to the subject, LRH, and my wonderful fiancé and auditor for absolutely changing my life. This means the world and more to me. <3

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

Congratulations on your wins Scientologirl.

This is precisely the point where you're complete on Scientology. You've done the best parts of Scientology and you're complete.

Thread about those who had wins, who also recognized they had completed Scientology.

However, for some, this point is also their most vulnerable time, being grateful and trusting, they dive further into Scientology.

This appears to be where you are being encouraged.

OT set ups?

Sounds good, but it mostly consists of significance and e-meter reactions. The significance is provided by L. Ron Hubbard.

It does not lead to the actual state of OT.

Now you see ARC everywhere. Soon, after you've started OT 3, you will see Incident 1 and Incident 2 everywhere.

Don't venture inside L. Ron Hubbard's head. Some who go there never get out.

Quit now and have you wins.

Don't allow your wins be used to "set you up" for the Scientology labyrinth.

From Van Morrison's Inarticulate Speech of the Heart album of 1983:

Background: During the early 1980s Van Morrison was briefly "on lines,"
and received "Life Repair" auditing.
Was he shown a copy of the Celebrity Center magazine
that featured a poem by John Donne prominently on its first page?
In any event, Morrison apparently liked the auditing,
but did not wish to become further involved.

Three years later he released another album titled
No Guru, No Method, No Teacher.