Scarlet and the Beast


I ran across this on the history of freemasonry.

"Masons founded the Church of Scientology. Mary Baker Eddie, the founder of Christian Science, was strongly influenced by Freemasonry. Madame Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy, was a Mason. (Some European lodges have admitted women.) Theosophy is foundational to much of the New Age movement. ("Scarlet and the Beast," Vol. 1, pages 42 and 649-650)."

If you are interested in freemasonry history

Scarlet and the Beast - A History of the War between English and French Freemasonry

Mason is short for Freemason. Freemason is short for free and accepted Mason, a name acquired as a result of Freemasonry s successful fight for political and religious freedoms; to conceal Freemasonry s involvement in fomenting revolutions, secular history refers to Freemasons as freemen ; Freemasonry is not Christianity, but a universal religion of salvation by works without Christ; in Freemasonry, Solomon s Temple secretly represents the Tower of Babel; thus, Freemasonry is both anti-Semitic and anti-Christian; a discussion of the bitter conflict between English (pantheistic) Freemasonry and French (atheistic) Freemasonry; sub-Masonic lodges for both male and female membership; degrees of initiation and knowledge; Masonry and conspiracy; Masonic propaganda; how Christians are deceived.