My favorite BOC album. I was going to comment earlier but forgot. Heavy Metal: The Black and Silver!!

Into the whirlpool, where matter vanishes
Degenerate star, arm of Orion
An iron sun, the forbidden circle
Anti-matter is the black horizon!

Heavy metal, black and silver
Fallen matter of the sun
Pours itself into a place
Where there was never, never one!

By starlight, the heaviest will rise up
Magnetic mirror, scattered bodies slow
All chaos of matter, river of fire
A night sea crossing, the cosmic fluid flows

Heavy metal, black and silver
Fallen matter of the Sun
Pours itself into a place
Where there was never, never one!

Fallen matter, from the cross
Freedom, that was never lost
Beyond being will be coming
Beyond time, space and control
Direction (starlight)
Creation (starbright)
Foundation (we forged the Einstein bridge tonight)
Spans a river (starlight)
We call time (starbright)
World (light of darkness)
Without end (light of light)

Heavy metal, black and silver
Fallen matter of the Sun
Pours itself into a place
Where there was never, never, never, never one!

Love the YouTube comments: This song is just about a sun going Red Giant. Beautiful
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It won't make much sense to anyone unless they can somehow manage to think in terms of "First Banned" as a desirable status. If you can do that, it'll probably make some kind of sense. :)
I still can't make sense out of this statement. Can you 'splain it to me?


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You left out The Illuminati. And Marcabs.

Why are you focussing on petty matters and ignoring the guys that are really causing problems in this sector of the Galaxy?

Have they paid you off?

I heard that Mystic got fed up with us (people) and left for MeWe. :)

No One

a girl is no one
One of the first things I noticed

on joining ESMB Redux is that free

speech is targeted as something

undesirable. I am a patriotic

citizen of the United States of

America. We greatly enjoy our


One of the first things the


Socialists (whether Nazi or

Bolshevic) attack is free speech

twisting the principle to make it

"hate speech" so they can control


Many of us were drawn to the

clam cult of Hubbard by the

promise of "total freedom". But,

of course, no, freedom, had to be

controlled, moderated, attacked.

I remember the first kick-the-

cult's ass forum on the internet.

Was on IRC and the channel rule

was no bans for content of

speech. You could only be

banned for attemting to overthrow

and steal control of the channel.

We had thousands of hours of

great communication and some

really giggly verbal wars when an

OSA agent would show up. There

were also a couple of trouble-

maker assholes on the channel

and we had giggly fun blah-de-

blah-blah-blah with them too.

What is there to be so scared of?

People arguing? Sheesh,

argumentation is just normal. We

even argue with ourselves.
It is normal but now-a-days it's bad and naughty 'cause too many people are getting 'triggered' by just about anything from a butterfly landing on their nose to the color of the sky. I am all about free speech as well. I didn't like having some of my posts deleted on another platform in the past with no explanation. It's just different opinions. People need to chill!