Reading the thread about the CC Int gym guy’s sexual escapades with female Scientologists (courtesy of @SuperstarNeilC) reminded me of another funny story, courtesy of none other than Marc ‘Blown for Good’ Headley:



For those of you who came to this post for something related to current political figures, I am sorry. I do apologize if the title of this post appears misleading. By the time you have read the entire post, I am sure will understand how the post could not be titled anything else.

Here we go.

The story starts off with RTC and then ends with Bush.

RTC circa 1989. During this time period, pretty much any staff that were auditing celebrities at this time were in RTC.

Abby Abron, Hara O Hare, Greg Wilhere, Heidi Stahli, Hansuli Stahli, and Ray Mitoff.

Some of the celebrities being audited by this crowd were Tom Cruise, Lisa Marie Presley, Kirstie Alley, Julia Migenis Johnson, John Travolta etc.

Our story is specifically about Abby (Abalardo) Abron auditing Priscilla Presley. Abby was a young guy in his mid 20’s. Abby liked to work out and was in great shape. He parents were Cuban and he had been an auditor for many years.

All of these RTC auditors were under very heavy pressure to being the absolute best auditors Scientology had to offer. There could be no mistakes, no problems; no nothing goes wrong when these celebs get audited. If these celebrities end up in the limelight and have any problems in their lives, the auditor’s head is the first one on the chopping block.

Based on the heavy scrutiny these auditors were under it was very important for the PC’s to be happy and Good Indicators after every single session and not complain or come up with reasons why they could not go in session.

Abby was Priscilla’s favorite auditor and never complained about the auditing she was getting from Abby. Well, wouldn’t you know, she wasn’t only getting standard tech from Abby. Abby was giving her additional sessions off of the meter. These sessions required in most instances that both Priscilla and Abby would be horizontal and preferably in bed. Abby Abron was getting action from the King’s woman!

Well it was not long before Priscilla seemed to be too happy with her auditing and suspicions arose. Abby was found out and dealing with it had to be very delicate. Abby, of course, could no longer audit her but she had to continue getting auditing. Abby could not be sent off to an RPF. If they asked why he was there, what was he going to say? “I had sex with the King’s girl.”

It was decided that Abby should be posted in Gold. Out of all areas, he was assigned to Grounds in Gold. So after a long successful Sea Org career, it was all about the bush. Abby trimmed one single bush and then ended up trimming bushes for rest of his Sea Org career.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. His senior, the Grounds Chief, was Spike Bush.

Until next time…