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Note how Katrina Reyes was coached by the cult to LIE at the consulate for a visa, lying with the pretense that they were going to return to Russia when the cult had recruited them permanently.
The State department has been fully briefed on the scam the cult gives out to obtain visas>

"Religious visa R-1
Actually, in the Sea Org the Russians, the Ukrainians and the Hungarians used to be important wholesale to furnish the slave labor 80 hour weeks for $50.
Lying on "religious" visa and then the slaves do heavy construction, heavy manual labor, janitor work, chambermaid work, dish washing, food preparations etc.

LIE is redefined in the cult as "acceptable TRUTH."

Oat Tea Ate

Scientology trains their members to LIE in the best interest of clearing the planet.
It has been 70 and there are no clear but there are a lot of LIARS!


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Hello Ron M. I hope you get this.
When I think of you, I remember how you consoled me one day back in the mid 70's at FLB when my stepfather invalidated what I had accomplished in my 11 years in SCN. I'm not writing to defend SCN, but rather just to remind you of that afternoon I ran crying into your room I was so upset and you befriended me with caring warmth. Thank you so much. It's not so important that you know who I am but just to know how much I appreciate what you did. Warmest regards.

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I believe the SP's have tipped the scales of Entheta / Theta regarding Scientology, L Ron Hubbard, Dianetics and David Miscavige on this planet.

Look out David Miscavige and Scientology.

Karma is about to kick your asses.

Thank you Superstar Neil, for contributing all of this good stuff here. Lurkers will have a field day to watch the Leader's own father talk about the truth.