Ron Miscavige and Karen discuss the Scientology misuse of POWER. ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY


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This is Part 1. Part 2 follows soon,

Description : Ron Miscavige (father of SCN dictator David Miscavige discuss cult the misuse of POWER and CONTROL. In authoritarian cults, POWER is absolute. You become a dot, a robotized dot. Ron was in the cult 42 years, I was in 40 years.
A combined 82 years of knowledge of what happens within !

2.00 the SCN cult seeks POWER, Domination, Control. (There is no such thing as kindness, forgiveness, warmth, gentleness in SCN)
5:00 the control over a person in the Sea Org is unimaginable. 15 min meal break time, punishment to not let you sleep in your bed but in Pig's Berthing etc etc. 7:45 The cult totally controlled the right of parents to have a child.
8:50 Hubbard said to David Mayo one evening as they walked under a starry sky "I have an incredible LUST for power and money."
11:30 Ron talks about a cult session that greatly alleviated David Miscavige's asthma.
13:25 David Miscavige was paying Private Investigators to stalk and follow his father to report on every doing from morning til night.
13:40 David Miscavige has cut off all family members from his father. He has never met his great grandchildren, his daughters and grand daughter shun him.

Mirrored from Original broadcast on Ron Miscavige channel with his permission. Ron passed less than a year ago. His voice lives on RIP RON MISCAVIGE. FLY HIGH.
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I remember once reading about Alan Walter's discovery of the 'missed' Evil Being game that a person hits on his way up. I think it was in the Homie archives of the Freezone. Might be something to it as it always seems that absolute power corrupts absolutely. It's the irresistable urge to impose victim / bully roles, which siphon life force from another.

directory acw

From Alan Walter's work.

"Each Being is living out an item somewhere on their OWN three
dimensional holographic imaged platen or schematic of the overall
patterns of their particular Games Matrix. All the people each Being
knows are items and are part of their OWN Games Matrix three dimensional
holographic image platen or schematic that is being followed assiduously
into the future.

Much of the conflict people have with each other is when the other does

not comply to the Reliable Item they have been assigned to."

(Caesar___War for the Planet of the Apes)
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