RIP Paul Adams


I loved him. He was the sweetest and well thinking person I never met him being a Freezone Scientologist, me being an (former) Anon

I loved his argumentation and honesty SO MUCH,
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Paul was a squirrel supreme! (ref his robot auditor)

Last time we saw him he had a gizmo to make one feel better and gave each of us a turn on it. We each dutifully held onto the gizmo while he explained how it works if used regularly.
The gizmo you refer to sounds like "the zapper" which Paul constructed based on Huilda Clark's specifications in her book "The Cure of All Diseases", It was a just a 9 volt battery connected with wires and alligator clips to two cans . There was a resister (or something, I am not an electrician) that caused the battery to alternate charging first one can and then the other, hundreds of time per second. This alternating current was supposed to kill all the parasites in your body, which per Huilda Clark was the underlying cause of all human ailments. Paul made one and encouraged me to "try the cure", so I did. This was around 2002 when Paul was still in California. It did not cure me of all my ailments, but then again, I didn't expect it to. You can see a video of the zapper at


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I counted Paul a friend. I saw a couple of weeks ago that his domain was up for auction and tried to bid on it, but was outbid at the last minute. So, I stood up a copy of PaulsRobot here: PaulsRobot3: Home